Wednesday, April 08, 2009

100 Brands of Interest II

Recently my personal logo for my design business Jeff Andrews Design was included in a collection of logo designs compiled and displayed on the website of a talented designer, David Pache. The Collection of logos is entitled 100 Brands of Interest II and is his second installment of what I believe is an ongoing series. (100 Brands of Interest Part 1) I'd first become aware of David's work via Twitter and contacted him a while back to do a Design Inspiration Interview. It is a distinct pleasure to be recognized amongst some very talented designers and appreciate David for including me.

I've included the text below from the introduction of 100 Brands of Interest II but I encourage you to click on the link and peruse through the many great identities displayed there.

100 Brands of Interest II

This article is the sequel to 100 brands of interest, published on the dacheboard on December 4, 2008. After the last article and the feedback received, it was clear that another article of this nature was in order so, here it is! Over the past few months, I have been compiling another 100 brands of interest and have been very lucky to have such a selection to choose from. The standard really is very high.

Again, I feel it is important to mention that this article is not an assessment or critique of the logos. It is purely to create awareness within the community and provide some useful insight for any newcomers who may be struggling to create a brand for themselves. It can be the easiest thing to create a logo for a client but when it comes to assessing what style of identity can best represent yourself or your business, this is a different matter altogether. It is tempting to use your own brand as a showcase of all your best techniques and ideas but this must be balanced with modesty and professionalism to gain the correct tone for your business image.

In this second collection we see again the basic elements of design from geometry and linear imaging to the more creative and flamboyant techniques. No matter what the style, I think it can be said that all of the 100 brands below have been executed successfully to create effective, professional logos which communicate well to their audience. There is a whole mix of styles ranging from monograms to symbols or pictures but it is simplicity which is the common denominator.

I send a big thank you to all companies which are displayed here and I have included a link to each of their sites for your bookmarks. Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback, particularly any thoughts you may have on this topic and any brands which you would like to see in another article of this nature. -David Pache