Thursday, September 22, 2005


Adventures In Blogging has recently been recognized in a new website dedicated to graphic designers to blog. Designers Who Blog ( is a new website developed by Cat Morley of Katz-I Design ( and Creative Latitude (

The site orignally came to fruition when Cat was writing an article for Creative Latitude about the phenomenon of blogging and her introduction to it.

It also bears to mention, that my other blog, “Design” Inspiration is also listed on the site, and was in fact the first blog “featured” there.


devon said...

ahhhh!! i have to do this!!!

i swear jeff. i'm going to answer every question!!!!

Melissa said...

Heeheehee, hey that's me! ;-) I just love seeing my face plastered across the internet.

thec said...


i really enjoyed the energy in your photo and what you had to say, soooooooo, i cut and pasted you into the page :-)

jeff-bob, could you email me pretty please?