Saturday, September 10, 2005

Displaced Designer

Alot has been written lately regarding the tragic events of the past few weeks resulting from Hurricane Katrina. I've been torn, in making up my mind as to whether to discuss it here or not. Mainly because the strong feelings I have concerning these horrific past few weeks. The events themselves have left me feeling powerless and horrified. I've had an almost overwhelming urge to just pack a bag and find transport to the affected area to help in any manner I was able, but the realization of the futility of that effort keeps me home. If there was anything at all I felt I could do, I would be there in an instant.

In any event, I've recently been made aware of this website, and felt compelled to share it here.

From the website:

“In order to consolidate resources and efforts, this site is now working in collaboration with the AIGA — hopefully extending the reach and effectiveness of this initiative so that no designer is left behind.
There are so many displaced individuals who've lost loved ones, homes, jobs, possessions — in many cases everything. Many of us watching the tragedy unfold have asked ourselves, "what can we do?" People have responded by offering shelter, a space in their homes, jobs, equipment, advice, companionship.
We wish to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina by matching needs with offers of help. We have expanded the information requested on our forms so that we can present needs and offers in specific categories: space, gear, work, cash, school. If you need help or assistance, we hope this resource is useful. For those making offers of support, thank you.
This site is a project of the AIGA and The Chopping Block. Requests for help and offers of assistance can be made at either site. AIGA also has additional articles and resources in its Design Forum.”

The site lists a number of other resources as well. if you haven't made a donation, this is your opportunity to do so. Cliche as it may seem, we CAN make a difference. Check out the site.

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