Monday, January 22, 2007

Design Inspiration Receives Mention on Imagekind

Design Inspiration, the blog I've developed to interview both established and up and coming artists, designers and illustrators received a mention today on the Imagekind blog thanks to a recent interview with my friend Mike Cressy.

From the website:

Design Inspiration, a wonderfully informative blog that profiles individual designers and illustrators, is highlighting the same artist we have on our homepage! That lucky illustrator is Mike Cressy, and to celebrate this happy coincidence, we thought we’d take the opportunity to point you towards the article which gives some uniquely detailed perspective on our featured artist of the day!

Design Inspiration does a great Q&A, previews some of the artist’s work, and provides you plenty of links to follow up with. In general it’s a really unique and interesting format for a blog about art, and well worth checking out. And, Mike is a perfect artist to learn more about - he has a clever and playful style, is incredibly productive (check out his “Live Scetchbook”), and his comments on freelance success are truly inspiring!

Renaissance Robot by Mike Cressy

Renaissance Robot by Mike Cressy

Link to article.
Link to imagekind.

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