Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Logo Book Submissions

I've been collecting and submitting logos to this book, Really Good Logos the past few days or so. It would be great to get a submission or two accepted, but I've learned not to get my hopes up. A lot of disappointment this past year or so regarding this subject.

From the website--

In “Really Good Logos, Explained”, some of today’s top creative minds critique and appraise over 500 examples of truly exceptional logos, and explain what makes them work.

The insight provided by the four contributing authors will be - like the logos themselves - succinct, specific and effective. Comments will range from explaining what makes each logo especially effective, to offering ideas on how the design might be further enhanced. The result will be a rare and insightful glimpse inside the mind of top creatives.

By understanding the logistics of good design, we are better prepared to create it. This book helps explain those logistics, by asking:

  • What elements do truly effective logos have that others are lacking?
  • What makes one logo more powerful - more attention-getting - than others?
  • What tips and strategies can be captured from these examples, and used to improve current projects?

By providing short, specific and to-the-point observations from top creatives, "Really Good Logos, Explained" answers these questions and more.

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