Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bad Design Kills

A few years ago, Von Glitschka of, Glitshka Studios and a plethora of other sites on the web, quietly opened a unassuming little website which effectively took the design world by storm! Well kinda. The concept behind the site was simple, provide propaganda to aid in the graphic designer's fight against all things "bad design". As it happened, inexplicably the site went the way of the Dodo bird. Many speculate as to the reasons behind the website's peculiar and early demise. But until that particular book is written, you can quelch your BDK thirst and check out this link. It seems Von recently opened a Zazzle Shop to bring back his popular Bad Design Kills shirts. A great opportunity to get your hands on a mighty fine looking shirt.

I say....get 'em while you can. ;)

Click here to view and order your shirt.


jojo said...

ha.. kind of ironic. considering alot of the zazzle stuff is really bad design!!

like your site btw...

60-Seconds said...

Judging by Glitschka's prolifferation of 'revenue' sites, the switch could have been pre-meditated.

As JoJo said, the products themselves are mostly bad design.

However, JoJo's comment "like your..." is unjustified.