Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Votes Are In!

Today the results were posted from the Logo Design Love Awards that I'd acted as judge for, and had posted about earlier. The aim was to uncover the most effective blog logos, and to raise awareness of lesser-known logo designers.

We the judges were also asked to vote on our favorites from each individual blog category. The category winners are listed below:

We were asked to choose our top three logos from all 10 blog categories. I've listed my top three favorites below with my comments. If you'd like to read all of the judges comments, click here to be routed to the Logo Design Love website.

“This logo was probably my favorite overall. It has a particularly simple yet memorable aesthetic that I found most appealing. And definitely stands out as a diamond in the rough amongst it’s competition.” Jeff Andrews (3 points awarded)

“I’m always drawn to typography based logos or wordmarks. This logo stands out for me because of it’s elegant simplicity. It’s not easy to pull off a compelling wordmark, but the designer of this logo has succeeded impressively.” Jeff Andrews (2 points awarded)

“This logo wins in my opinion because it’s warm color palette and clean yet evocative style made me hungry! Though the icon doesn’t denote “food” or “recipes”, I still find the mark a success overall.” Jeff Andrews (1 point awarded)

Logo Design Love

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