Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Work Selected for new LogoLounge Master Library

Received an e-mail this afternoon informing me that one of the logos I'd submitted to the LogoLounge database has been selected for their first Master Library books. It is a distinct honor and great pleasure to have been selected.

The logo selected is one I did for Double R Manufacturing Inc. A powdercoating company in Roseburg, Oregon. The logo unfortunately was ultimately unused due to inhouse politics.

"Your work has been selected for a remarkable new LogoLounge project, the first book in the new Master Library series.

What is the Master Library series?

Like our existing (and continuing) LogoLounge book series, the new Master Library books will bring you plenty of exemplary logo design work from creatives around the world.

Unlike our original series, though, each book in the Master Library series will focus on a very specific logo design category, to wit:

• Initials & Crests
• Typography
• People
• Animals, Birds and Mythology
• Shapes and Symbols
• Nature and Food
• Arts and Culture (including transportation, sports and architecture)

We’d like to include your work in the inaugural book, Initials & Crests."

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1 comment:

Steph said...

Congrats Jeff!

I was notified Saturday morning and it looks like I will be once again sharing page space with you in another LogoLounge book.

Nice job!