Friday, June 10, 2005

HOWie whaaaa...?


What is a HOWiezine? From the website:

“Howiezine is a book project that HOW forum members, also known as HOWies, have been doing. There is a theme and participants create a page based on their interpretation of that theme. You can use any medium you want. Paint and scan, Photoshop, video stills, whatever. Both sides of your page or pages must have artwork on them so there will be no blank pages. You can do a 2-page spread if you want, as long as there is artwork on the reverse side of each page.”

HOWiezine 3, the third installment, was the first time I'd been involved with the project. I'd had to bow out from HOwiezine 2 at the last minute because of a grueling moving endeavor. The signups for the first HOWiezine came and went before I'd even heard about the project.

The theme for the 3rd HOWiezine, was “Black & White.” I've posted my two page entry below, click on the image to see a larger view.

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