Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jeff Andrews Design Wins NCCA Design's Oregon Tournament Bracket!

I recently became a member of the NCCA, which stands for the National Creative Competition Association. As a member you can upload examples of your work in three separate categories: Logo, Print and Web. During the regular season, visitor's and members alike can log on and rate each creative submission.

Here's a bit of info from the site to explain what it's all about:

As each piece is rated, its average rating is tracked and ranked within its peer group. The ranking value for each piece then populates the NCCA Design Poll area. Creative submissions are eligible for polling after 10 ratings. Polls are tracked in each category (logo, print, web) for the entire nation, your particular region and your state of entry. Upon completion of the regular season, polls provide seedings for the tournament bracket.

The top 64 pieces for each category will populate national, regional, and state brackets. These brackets will then be exposed to the members for match-up voting based on Poll seeding. Voting will occur in 6 total rounds - each round will run for a designated period of time. When the final round is complete, winners in each category (logo, print, web) for the nation, regions and states will be announced.

Today I was informed that one of my submissions in the Logo category had won the Oregon State Tournament Bracket. Here is my winning submission, a logo for the Outdoor Program of a Eugene area High School.

NCCA Design

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