Friday, May 05, 2006

Blankets, Buttons & Blenders Oh My!

GDUSA Announces Logolounge Trends for 2006

The latest issue of GDUSA contains LogoLounge's 2006 Logo Trends Report. A great insight into the developing psyche of logo development in the past year.

From the article:

You simply can't organize 37,000 logos — the approximate number now on the website — and not notice commonalities. Categories. Directions. Insights.

And this year is no exception: There are trends, for better or for worse. We'd prefer for you to be the judge. But what this year's report also delivers is perspective. With the benefit of past years' reports already laid out, it is not necessary to view trends as isolated moments in time. Instead, they can be viewed as organic, growing, morphing and transforming. One trend links to another, and then another. From year to year, there is branching from existing starts as well as shoots that emerge fresh from the ground up. It's all very informative to observe.

Through the LogoLounge reports, you can look forward and backward, too. (Go to and look under "Trends" to see all of LogoLounge's past reports.)

Through the website, you can search an enormous database by keyword, designer's name, client name, industry, client category, type of logo and dates to find a few trends of your own, as viewed from your own, personal perspective. And through the LogoLounge books, you can gain even more insights from a collection of 2,000 of the smartest logo designs from the past year, submitted to LogoLounge from all over the world and hand-selected by a team of extremely well-respected identity experts. Books I and II are out now, and Book III will be released in Fall of 2006 by Rockport Publishers.

The goal of LogoLounge is not simply to amass the world's biggest pile of logos (although it is likely that already). Its goal is to offer context with the content, so that you can make sense of it all and perhaps have a better idea of where you would like to go next. The 2006 trends follow.

Check it out.

And to view previous years trends, click here.

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