Thursday, July 20, 2006

Launch This!

In anticipation of my own site's relaunch, coming very soon, I've seen three of my fellow designers and friends launch three very unique and inspiring websites of their own. Websites that I thought deserved to be shared with the world at large.

The first to debut, was This site was developed by uber-talented designer and illustrator Von Glitschka. Von is a friend who happens to teach at a college up in Salem Oregon. In an attempt to give his students the best possible bang for their buck, he began making his class assignments and resources available online. He also shared the assignments and work with the lucky denizens of the HOW forum of which I frequent.

In his own words:

"Last summer I was asked to teach a digital illustration class at the local college visual arts program once a week here in Salem, Oregon. I had never taught before so this was a whole new experience for me. I quickly realized the way my students learned best was when I demonstrated a process. I literally showed them how to go about doing a creative task and commented on it. This led me into developing numerous step by steps I could show them each week.

Over the course of last year I built up a nice little archive of teaching resources. I also posted them on this forum to let other creatives benefit from them and due to that being received so well I decided to give them a proper home here at their own site."

This site will serve as a HUGE resource for illustration students and anyone else really who is looking to brush up their illustration skills. It's GREAT!

The second site comes to us from Philadelphia designer, Melissa. Melissa is an in-house designer who's frustration with the sea of non-designers she works with prompted her to create this site which should serve as a fun, educational resource tool.

Melissa said:

"The general public doesn’t understand us or our profession. At least half of the things that we, as designers, bitch about have to do with the fact that people don’t know the slightest bit about design. How many times have you had to explain the importance of white space to a client/coworker who didn’t want to waste precious advertising space? How often do you plead, “The logo is already big enough!”

After a rather tumultuous week at work, I decided that my arguments were futile, or at least inadequate. I needed to full-on “edumacate” these people! "

The Non-Designer

"Hopefully it will turn into a knowledge base of what every non-designer should know about design. Now, when someone comes to me and says, “Hey, can you redesign the company website for me by noon tomorrow?” I can point them to an article written by a talented designer regarding appropriate deadline expectations."

The third and final site destined for greatness that debuted this week is one called The Yale Park Collective. This site is the brainchild of Nebraska designer Steve Gordon. Steve's vision for the site is to offer up witty, provocative, intelligent dialogue regarding all things creative. Design, fashion and life in general.

Steve explains:

"I have started a creative consortium that I have named Yale Park. It is a grouping of like-minded Creatives with similar attitudes but completely varying styles and approaches to Life in general. Right now the think-tank collective is comprised of myself, Eric Hines and Travis Bellinghausen. The crew will grow as a grassroots "street team" and interested readers, but we will add to the pantheon from time to time. Jeff Fisher featured the new logo on his Creative Latitude column 'Logo Notions'. "

"Mainly aimed at being a personal commentary on all things Creative from our own personal perspectives, I hope to grow this creative outfit to proportions unknown. I have no idea what direction this will take but I am liking that because I want it to be biomorphic in growth allowing me and others to comment on all things of Creative interest, not just graphic design."


ben huff said...

very cool jeff- givin' the HOWies some love. i'm anxious to see your new site.

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

Jeff, much love my man. Thank you for the inclusion. I hope to bring my style and view to people, offering a genuinely different take on the world.

thank again.

Melissa said...

Aww shucks, Jeff. You're a sweetheart! If you have a minute to tear yourself away from your 83 blogs, I'd love it if you'd write a little sumthin-sumthin for my new blog! (Keep that in mind.) Thanks again love!