Saturday, October 27, 2007

Holiday Inn Plans Company Brand Relaunch

Came across this tidbit of info this morning perusing Brand New. Brand New post logo rebrands, often finds the behind the scenes background info on the redesign and allows designers around the world to chime in with their opinions. One of my favorite sites.

Get the skinny regarding the relaunch here. IMO, one designer said it best, "typographic genocide".


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Typographic suicide because they're leaving behind the distinctive back-leaning look of the old designed typography completely?

I see your point there. But after decades of the established look, wouldn't it be time for a change? Like I said, I see your point, but I'm having a hard time disliking the new logo. The traditional is gone there but the type there seems to have a subtle designed touch to it.

Jeff said...

Typographic genocide, IMO, because they're throwing away decades of brand equity for a mark that is bland and forgettable. Pure vanilla.

I've often said that change simply for the sake of change is worthless. An update to their established brand would have been the way to go, IMO.

I agree with one commenter's statement on Brand New that said, "The problem comes with upper management wanting to put their 'mark' on a brand during their tenure. I firmly believe that selfishness by individuals and management groups are driving many of the identity changes in the American marketplace these days.

Dumping years of brand equity is not great business - overhaul the SERVICE or PRODUCT and allow the brand to be associated with that."



Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I see your points completely, of course. It's kind of amazing (though in retrospect it shouldn't be) how important and attached people are to the classic (shan't say "old") look of the HI script.

A remark I heard about it, from my Birmingham correspondent, put it this way: "This is what happens when you're a slave to focus groups". This really sharpens your "bland and forgettable" point.

I will stay on record as saying I like the new treatment, but the amount of negative reaction certainly indicates that however HI went about doing this they've fumbled this one, and on a New Coke level too.

"Brand equity"–yes, yes indeed.

MarkZorro said...

The original looks like a hotel sign, the other looks like a sign for a hip mall fashion outlet. I will look forward to buying my clothing in future at the Holiday Inn.