Saturday, June 27, 2009

They Came from the FRIDGE!

Was delighted Thursday afternoon to come home to find that my magnets had arrived. A few months back I was asked to participate in a very special project inspired by the Traveling Roadshow thread on the HOW Design Forum. The HOW Design Forum is a fantastic resource for designers, I've attained a wealth of knowledge there and made a lot of treasured friends through my interactions with the other contributors. The Traveling Roadshow thread was started to offer designers, illustrators and other creatives a venue within the forum to show off and share their recent work.

Fellow HOWies Karma Savage and Amy Reyes have collaborated to produce a limited edition collection of fridge magnets to commemorate the threads third anniversary.

Soon to be released to the public, this set of 12 magnets features some of the best work seen in the fridge over the past 3 years. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the magnets will be donated to benefit one of my favorite websites- Operation Nice.

List of Contributors:

Von Glitschka, Mickey Rat; Keith Bowman, The Lawbreaker; Janet Little Jeffers, Ampersand; Mary Ferguson, The Frog Prince, Jeope Wolfe, Jeope's Seal; Steph Doyle, Wulfpack on the Rabbit; Geoff McManus, Roller Skate; M, 'A' for Apple, Marco Echeverria, Mad Bomb; Joe Blend, Summer Travel; Jeff Andrews, Twitter in Blue; Judy Rozbicki, Autumn Rain.

My contribution, an illustration I'd just completed for the SFG Twitter Page - "Twitter in Blue". The illustration depicts a blue bird sitting on a branch exclaiming "SFG! SFG!"


I'll be sure to post a link to where you can purchase your own set of magnets once they become available to the general public. A big thanks to Karma and Amy for asking me to be a part of this great project. I'm honored, and my refrigerator has never looked so good.


Upasana Rawat said...

Your work is amazing. I'm sure you've heard that before though. Anyways: brilliant, talented!

wanderlust junkie said...

cute twitter bird! :-D

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Holly Herick said...

love your blog, similar to mine in a way. My approach is more about what happens in between the design—the exercising the brain. I will now also exercise it by reading your blog. Great job!