Sunday, August 09, 2009

Maschinen Leuchten

Maschinen Leuchten is the whimsical and inspirational lighting series designed by the german artist Frank Buchwald. Frank is a designer and manufacturer of lights, furniture and objects.

"The individual models were not designed spontaneously in a moment of inspiration. It was rather a long groping for a hard to comprehend meaningful form. ... It took a long time until the moment was reached in which I could say that the designs were moving in the right direction. And it was long path until first prototypes were ready about which I could say: yes, now it is right. – It is a sublime moment when you realize: I have arrived and am no longer off target...

I have the feeling that the machine lights, the way they have now been made, come very close to what they portray. They have reached a level of completeness and perfection with which I would now like to present them to the public...."

Excerpts from a conversation with the philosopher Gerhard Schwarz, Berlin, in February 2006

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