Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Brush with a Super Hero.

A while back I posted some photos on Facebook from a childhood visit with Burt Ward, Robin from the 60's Batman TV show. He'd come to town to make an appearance and sign autographs. I'd shared that my autographed photo I'd gotten that day had...... mysteriously disappeared. My sister and brother both still had theirs, but mine was gone.

After I posted that, I decided to see if I could find the photo online to replace it and came across Burt Ward's official website. They had photos available, but not the one I'd been looking for. So, I wrote the administrator of the site, Doug, and explained my situation. I even sent him the photos as proof. He wrote me back and offered to exchange a new autographed photo, exactly like one I'd lost, for my story and pictures which now appear on the site. Haven't received the new photo yet, but Doug assures me it's on it's way. Too cool!

Check it out!

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