Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome back to AIB!

This is a bit of a homecoming for me.

I'd strayed away from this blog to explore new blog opportunities and choices out there, I'd started a wonderful new blog over on Posterous, but they've since closed up shop. Oops! I currently have a very stuffy "work" blog on Tumblr,, but because it's something that clients or potential clients have access to, I find it hard to feel comfortable there. Like anyone else, I tend to feel a bit more comfortable being myself, letting loose a bit and posting about stuff that generally interests me, not just strictly design or business related.

I've explored other blog sites and formats, but inevitably, I found my way back to here, where it all began. AIB has a new look, transitory I'm sure as it really wasn't my idea to change the old one, but blogger insisted I update, so here we are.

I'm going to provide an update to my last blog post here from 2009, "My Brush with a Super Hero." I did indeed receive the awesome photo from Doug over at the Burt Ward Live site, sadly tho it appears that the site is now offline. Burt if you're out there and happen to read this, please bring the site back for the legions of your fans who are still hoping for a glimpse behind the mask.

Here is the photo, it is exactly like the one that was lost. Burt was even cool enough to sign it exactly like he did back in the 70's for me. it now hangs in my office where I admire it every day.

Thank you Burt, and thank you Doug. You've made me a very happy Bat-Fan.

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